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All your questions about bail bonds Costa Mesa answered

In our daily work, a friend, an attorney or a relative of the person who has been arrested will contact us to help with the release of the arrested person. This person could be you! You probably have lots of questions racing up in your mind especially if it is your first time seeking a Costa Mesa bail bond. Already, you know that in order to get someone from jail, guarantees, both personal and financial, will be required for you to secure temporary freedom for the arrested person. Whether you choose to take the money to the jail or use one of the several Bail bonds Costa Mesa companies, there are several ways of doing it. All you need to do is ask and we surely will answer all of your questions.

We understand that each one of our clients has dissimilar financial considerations, and are proud to service each and every one of them. We are more than capable of getting the job done. In the following sections, we take you through responses to questions that are most commonly asked about matters to do with jail as well as booking process, collateral, the public defender, exoneration or premiums that companies charge.

What will happen when you have to bail someone out of the Costa Mesa jail?

Upon being arrested anywhere in Orange County, California, the arrested person will initially be taken to the local police department where he or she will be booked for the offense that they have been arrested for. In this website, you will find various state of California coded laws. We’ll be focused on what happens when someone is arrested in Costa Mesa, California.

What is the duration of the booking process, and what is normally involved?

Initially, at the Costa Mesa Police Department, the booking process can be quick and thorough. It’s not until someone is transferred to the main Orange County Intake Center that things can be time-consuming. That’s why it’s important to contact a Costa Mesa Bail Bonds agent as soon as possible, before your loved one gets transferred. The initial booking process in Costa Mesa includes checking whether the arrestee’s social security number or name has any pending warrants in other cities or states. This is done by sending a copy of the arrested person’s fingerprints for identity verification and comparison. Pictures are taken, court as well as appearance dates are set, and there is also assigning of the booking numbers. The bail amount is also set at this time.

After booking, what happens to the defendant? When is it time to bail them out of jail?

Once a person has been booked, the following are the most likely things to happen:

  • A defendant may be released with no charges being preferred
  • The defendant may also be released on his/her O.R (own recognizance). But the defendant will need to be present in all court sessions failure to which an arrest warrant will be issued against him/her.
  • Another scenario is where a defendant is freed on bail Bonds Costa Mesa.
  • The Orange County court refuses to set bail meaning that the arrested person must remain in custody until they can g to court
costa mesa bail bonds

What is the work of a Costa Mesa Bail Bonds agent?

The bail agent refers to the person tasked with posting the agreed bond with the Costa Mesa jail and then obtaining the defendant’s release. However, the agent can only post the bail after all requirements listed in question one have been met. Unless the bail amount is set, court date set as well as confirmation that no pending warrants exists, nobody can be released from the jail. There are many ways to get funds to bail a relative out. Aztec Title of Ventura County does car title loans, which is a lien against your vehicle.

After posting the bail bond, how long will it take before the defendant is released?

If someone gets the bond posted while your loved one is still at the Costa Mesa Police Department, the time can be as little as 1 hour.  Once someone gets transferred to the main county jail in Santa Ana, it depends on how many detainees whose release is being processed. In short, it depends on the length of queue. It is not upon the bail agent to expedite the release of a detainee. If you contact us as soon as possible, we can get the process started before your loved one gets transferred.

How many calls is a defendant entitled to?

As the process of booking goes on, the detainee is permitted to make many calls. He or she can call the Bail Bonds Costa Mesa company, he/she can also call you through collect call, and, subject to the restrictions imposed by the jail, the detainee can set up a 3-way telephone call between him/her and a bail office. Although the calls might be short, they allow you to pass important information.

Is the Costa Mesa Bail Bonds company your only option of securing freedom? Are there other options?

In order to be released fast, the jail takes cognizance of two sources: the first one is the agent that posts bail bonds in Costa Mesa that is licensed, and he must be registered by the California Department Of Insurance. (At all times, you should insist on seeing the identification of a bail agent). The second option is cash in full deposited at the court. If this is the case, the detainee will be refunded the full cash bail unless there are outstanding fines and other court fees. However, these deductions cannot be made without your permission. Some courts also recognize US Treasury bonds. There are even cases where a court may allow the use of property bond to secure the release of a detainee.

will the bond be forfeited in the event that the person bailed out fails to appear in court?

Technically, the answer of the above question is yes. It is true that the bond will be fortified. It is possible for the court to view the defendant’s refusal to honor court appearance as an intractable act. To this end, the court may issue bench warrant. This then makes the defendant to be subject to arrest. Therefore, if you are aware that you may not get courtroom, or you know that you will be late, you need to inform us to remedy the situation through re-assuming the bond. Alternatively, you can get in touch with a court clerk in whichever courtroom. These will then lead you to the right court where you are required. It is good to let the bailiff know that you will be late. Like in life, it is better to be late than to never appear in court. If you’re not able to make your court appearance on time, call us ASAP so that we can assist. Bail Bonds Costa Mesa can help with transportation, contacting the court, and more.

Do you need an attorney or a Public Defender

When the matter involved is of a criminal nature, the defendant really should consult with a lawyer. Many lawyers provide free consultations. A public defender represents those who are unable to hire a private attorney.

Common sense rules

In case you have bailed a person out of custody and suspect that the person will jump bail, call us immediately. This way, we may be able to remove or have your financial responsibility lessened.
Should you or the defendant move, you need to update us. The fact that a bail lets you be free and carry on with your life normally is one of the greatest advantages of posting bail bonds in Costa Mesa. Unless the court instructs you otherwise, you will be free to until such a time when you need to appear in court.

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