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Costa Mesa Car Thief


On Tuesday, December 30th 2013, the Costa Mesa Police Department were called to the huge apartment complex located at Avenue of the Arts & Sunflower in response to reports of multiple vehicle break-in’s. According to reports, a thief went into the parking structure and proceeded to break car windows in order to gain access. A Costa Mesa Police spokesperson stated that after the car windows were broken, the thief then removed valuables. In one particular case, the thief saw video games on the seat of one car, broke the window out, and stole the games. The other thefts took place in the same fashion.
A dollar amount was not placed on the damages and stolen goods. The spokesperson said this is a perfect
example on why it is so important to lock vehicles & not leave anything of value in cars. This is especially true during the winter holidays. “Leaving valuables in plain sight is just an invitation for a thief to break out your car’s window to gain access to your things,” the spokesperson said.




Costa Mesa Facts:

  • Costa Mesa got its name in 1920


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