How To Get Funding With BAD or NO Credit

One of the fastest ways of getting financing is a Car Title Loan. The main benefits of Car Title Loans are:

  • Credit Not Needed: The credit is the equity in your vehicle.
  • Loans are funded incredibly fast.
  • The process is simple…..just a short form or a quick phone call.

Car Title Loans

Short-Term Personal/Payday Loan

Although this loan type only loans out up to $1,500, the funding is quick & they accept BAD or NO credit. And the process is incredibly fast.

Find Out How Much Your Watch/Diamonds/Jewelry is Worth…..With A Simple Online Quote….

Personal Installment Loan Through

  • Fast and secure application process
  • Get your funds deposited directly into your account
  • You choose what to spend your loan on
  • Generous repayment terms: pay in up to 60 months
  • Personal Installment Loans are a great financial tool
  • Feel secure with their encrypted application form

Better Loans Mutual

Elite Cash Wire

The Pro’s of Elite Cash Wire are their minimal requirements for a loan:

  • At least $1,000/month job
  • A bank account

That’s it!

Financing Costa Mesa Bail Bonds

So, the Costa Mesa Police Department has arrested a family member, and you want to get him out of the Costa Mesa Jail as soon as possible. There’s only one problem: trying to come up with the money to pay the bail premium. If your husband got arrested for the crime of Domestic Violence, his bail could easily be as high as $50,000. So the premium you’ll need to pay the Costa Mesa Bail Bonds company is going to be $5,000. Especially these days, that can be a large number to come up with. Fortunately, you have many options available to you to finance your loved one’s bail bond.

If you need to finance bail bonds in Costa Mesa, let’s look at some of the options:

  • We can finance the bail bond for you

That’s right; we can finance up to 100% of the premium, even if you don’t have perfect credit. we look at more than just credit scores. Let’s say you have poor credit, but have a stable job history. This shows us that you’re willing to live up to financial obligations, and we can definitely work with you on getting your loved one out within a couple of hours. We never charge an interest rate. So it’s likely we can work out a reasonable payment plan that won’t weigh you down. We’ll research these options with you.

  • Putting up collateral to finance the bail bond

Often, if you have bad credit, no stable job history, and no access to cash, we can put up anything of value to ensure the release of a loved one. If you have any equity in your home, a vehicle that has worth, or any kind of valuable, we can put that up as collateral.

  • Using a payday loan company

We don’t recommend this unless it is absolutely necessary. The interest rate they charge for a loan is usually very high. Some will lend you money if you have a checking account, but their interest rate is also usually quite high.

  • Car Title Loan

The interest rates for a title loan isn’t nearly as high as payday loan companies, and most let you continue to drive your car while you’re making payments. If you need to finance Bail Bonds in Costa Mesa, there’s usually better options than a Car Title Loan.

  • Pawn Shop

Really, although pawn shops aren’t nearly as bad as they sound, it’s still not the best way to finance Bail Bonds in Costa Mesa. You’ll still be paying a high interest rate, but many Pawn Shops really don’t want to keep your stuff. What they really want is to get their money back, plus interest, so that they can give your stuff back to you. Orange County has many pawn shops, but please talk to us before you pawn your things, because we can most likely help get you financed, regardless of your financial situation. Our focus is always on you, the client. We want to do everything we can to get your loved one out of the Costa Mesa Jail and back home with your family. Please feel free to contact us whenever you have any questions. All of our staff at our Costa Mesa Bail Bonds company look forward to serving you.


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